Welcome to Grand Photography's Prepay Order Page for

Empire Elite Cheer!



  • Complete an Online Prepay Order (directions below)
    • Online Prepay Orders can be placed at any time up until one week after the scheduled picture day
    • All Online Prepay Orders will be delivered to Empire Elite to be distributed.

 =============== OR ===============

  • Order forms will be available at the picture location on picture day.
  • Phone orders can be placed by calling Grand Photography at 480-632-2285.
    • All phone orders received within 2 weeks after your picture day will be delivered to the Empire Elite.  Late orders will need to be picked up at Grand Photography or incur a $5 shipping fee.

For best pricing and discounted package rates, place an Online Prepay Order.  Additionally, you will have a second chance to purchase pictures at a later date from an online gallery. Please note prices will be slightly higher due to increased processing fees and shipping costs.



Please use  SAFARI, CHROME, FIREFOX, OR MICROSOFT EDGE browsers to place your order. 

  1. Click on your logo below. 
  2. Add items to your cart. 
  3. Click "Check Out" at the bottom of the screen. 
  4. Fill out the "Customer Info" section:  Choose your team and team name from the drop-down menu.  Type child's name and then parent name and phone number.  If ordering Package A, B or C or any individual images (Package S, T, U, V, W, Y1, Y2, Y3), you will need to select a background color (black or white).  For all other items, no background choice is available and you will need to select NA
  5. ALL FIELDS NEED TO BE COMPLETED to place order.   
  6. Complete the "Payment Method" section.
    • If Address Line 2 is not applicable, type NA.
    • For State, please use two letters (i.e. AZ for Arizona)
    • *Please note NO ORDERS WILL BE SHIPPED.  All Prepay Orders will be delivered to Empire Elite and distributed by your coach.  The box that says "Ship to same address" does not apply. However, you may need to uncheck the box and complete the shipping address in order to check out.  This is a software problem that is being fixed, but no Preorders will be shipped.)
  7. Click "Place Order" and you are done!



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