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Passport Photo Page!

US passports are valid for 10 years.  Why not invest in the best passport photo possible by coming to our studio where we have professional lighting to give you a fantastic photo that meets the appropriate resolution, size, and quality requirements according to the US Department of State.

We can also produce photos for foreign passports.   

In studio passport sessions


Four passport prints of single image or digital image.  


Second set of passport prints for an additional country.  


Passport photo session information:

  • Individual session is 10 minutes and includes a single photo taken on a white background.
  • Your choice of four printed images or a digital copy sent to you via email or bring in your own flash drive.  
  • Appointments are required by contacting our office at 480-632-2285.
  • Payment is required at the time of your appointment. 
  • Photos are printed while you wait.


US Passport photo information per the US Department of State:

  • Photos must be taken within 6 months of submitting a passport application.
  • Have a neutral facial expression or a natural smile, with both eyes open. 
  • Eyeglasses are not allowed.
  • You cannot wear a uniform, clothing that looks like a uniform, or camouflage attire. 
  • You cannot wear a hat or head covering.  See the US Department of State website for exceptions.
  • You cannot wear headphones or wireless hands-free devices.
  • You can wear jewelry and keep on your facial piercings as long as they do not hide your face. Permanent tattoos are acceptable for passport purposes as well.